Young & Hungry S01E02

Episode 02: "Young & Ringless"

Gabi begins her first official day as Josh's chef and wants to leave the memory of her one-night stand with Josh behind her. Caroline accuses Gabi of stealing her engagement ring. Gabi must prepare an elaborate dinner for Josh's Chinese investors. When Caroline forces Josh to get the security footage from his building manager, both Josh and Gabi panic, knowing that their one-night stand will be revealed to Caroline. Elliot also panics, because it was him who took the ring, just to try it on, and it got stuck. Josh tries to edit the tape, however Caroline demands to watch it. Josh then asks Caroline if she actually loves him, and if she does then she should trust him. She then gives up and believes him. Gabi cooks dinner for the Chinese investors, Josh and Caroline. Gabi ends up cooking spaghetti and meatballs, and although Caroline is disgusted, Josh and the Chinese investors are pleased. In the end, Josh, Yolanda, Elliot and Gabi watch the security footage and it is revealed to them that Elliot tried on the ring.